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May 26

Importance of Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Wheel balancing is critical because wheels tend to lose their balance gradually over a certain period of time. Many contributing factors relating to the weight distribution of your car and road conditions can cause an unevenness in the tyre tread wear, which thereby leads to further uneven tread wear. In addition to that, the vehicle might vibrate while driving which can then lead to an unstable and unpleasant driving experience. Having said that, in the long run, it can also damage suspension and steering parts causing expensive repair bills.      

Symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment:

  • Car pulling or drifting to either side
  • Steering wheel starts to vibrate
  • Uneven tyre tread wear
  • Uneven braking

If you start experiencing any of the above warning signs then it’s best advised to bring your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in Stansted to check for wheel alignment and wheel balancing services.

Wheel alignment is essentially more of an adjustment to the vehicle’s suspension system. The suspension connects the wheels to the vehicle. When it’s time to align and balance your tyres in Stansted, visit a vehicle repair shop near you.

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