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May 30


Having a flat tyre can be dangerous and needs immediate attention. Listed below are many causes of a flat tyre:

  1. Sharp Objects

This is one of the very common reasons for a flat tyre i.e., a puncture from a sharp object on the road, such as a nail, piece of glass or debris etc. 

  1. Wear and Tear

Over a certain period of time, tyres tend to wear out. Driving will eventually wear down the tread on your tyres, thereby increasing their chances of going flat.

  1. Bad road conditions

Potholes and debris on the road can lead to a very unpleasant driving experience. It may invariably cause damage to the various complex parts of your vehicle. The worse the road condition, the greater your chances of getting a flat tyre. 

  1. Damage to the valve system

The valve stem is the small, cylindrical protrusion which needs unscrewing in order to inflate your tyres.  A damaged or corroded valve stem can cause air to leak out of the tire, making it go flat. 

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