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Jun 06

Overheating Engine – Its causes

An overheated car is a common cause of sudden mechanical breakdown and can be an indicator of significant and massive engine damage.

An overheating engine usually means that there’s something wrong with the vehicle’s cooling system. The coolant needs to be at the right level in order to remove heat from the engine. In addition to that, if the coolant has contaminants, it won’t work as effectively, and may not absorb as much heat which is why coolant flush should be done on a routine basis in order to ensure your vehicle’s cooling system is running at optimum level at all times. Bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you for professional auto maintenance and tune-ups. 

What’s the function of a coolant in a car?

The overall cooling system’s primary function is to absorb excess heat. Additionally, it maintains a standard operating temperature for the engine by circulating coolant or antifreeze  through the engine to the radiator which is designed to remove excess heat from your engine.
If you are in a vehicle that is running hot, do not try to drive farther. It’s wise to pull over, stop driving and turn the vehicle off. In such a situation, it’s best to call Smart Mechanics for smart recovery service in Stansted and to have your vehicle towed or assessed professionally by expert technicians.

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