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Jun 02

Vehicle Brake System Maintenance

Brake discs are a very vital vehicle component, technically built to help you slow down when you need to, from sudden and random stops to gentle slow-downs. They are a highly important safety feature, hence it’s imperative that they’re routinely maintained and replaced when required.

Your brakes may need replacing if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Warning/Check light is ON
  • Squealing or scraping noise
  • Car pulling to one side
  • Car braking as you brake
  • Car jerks to a stop

If you notice any of the above alarming signs then it’s wise to get your vehicle inspected by expert technicians in Smart Mechanics in Bishop Stortford. Brake inspections are done when wheels are removed, as some brake parts are not visible with the wheels on the car.  If you want your brake pads and discs to last longer then it’s important to have them inspected on a routine basis to ensure a smooth, safe and pleasant driving experience at all times. 

If your brakes don’t stop as readily as they used to, and if the pedal feels spongy, rather than firm then it’s best advised to bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you for inspection and smart repairs. Certain driving situations cause brakes and its components to wear at a faster rate. By scheduling routine vehicle maintenance, you can ensure your safety on the road and everyone around you. 

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