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Apr 11

Tyre balancing – Why Is It Necessary?

Tyre balancing essentially aids in providing a smooth ride and leads to even tread wear by evenly adjusting the tyre weight distribution on the car.

What is tyre balancing?

Tyre balancing is vital because wheels lose their balance over a certain period of  time. In addition to that, when there’s an uneven distribution of weight around the vehicle, the tyres need balancing. Hence, when the wheels are out of balance – vibration, uneven tread wear and damage to the suspension could potentially surface.

Why do you need to balance your tyre?

Balancing your wheels will effectively minimize vibration and uneven tread wear When you get your wheels balanced; it results in a much smoother and safer ride. Get your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in Harlow for wheel alignment and wheel balancing services.

When do you need to get wheel balancing done?

  • If you start to suddenly feel a vibration
  • Faster and uneven tyre wear
  • Poor Fuel economy
  • Vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side

If you start to experience any of the above warning signs, it’s best advised to get your vehicle inspected. When it’s time to balance your tyres, bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you or visit Smart Mechanics in Harlow for effective and professional smart repairs.

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