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Feb 27


What is your exhaust system composed of? This system includes the catalytic converter, muffler etc. These components are all designed to move exhaust gases out of your vehicle.  Additionally,  it performs an imperative function of diverting harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. As your engine burns fuel, it releases gases in the form of waste that essentially needs a way out of the engine through a well-functioning exhaust system. Hence, the function of your vehicle’s exhaust system benefits both your vehicle and its passengers as it’s primarily designed to prevent air pollution inside and around your vehicle.

The exhaust system in your car is a vital component. Maintaining your vehicle’s exhaust system on a regular basis is essential. Not only can you consume more fuel with a failing exhaust system, but you could also possibly be inhaling harmful fumes that would otherwise be expelled by the exhaust too.

Signs your exhaust car exhaust system needs replacement:

  1. Reduced Fuel Economy 
  2. Stench of strong gases
  3. Loud knocking sound 
  4. Loss of engine performance
  5. Decrease in power, acceleration etc

As a car owner, you should look out for the above warning signs and schedule a vehicle inspection appointment in a car repair shop near you at the earliest. This necessary inspection will keep your vehicle operating efficiently as well as keep your passengers safe.

Whether you have a failed exhaust system, or you feel it is time for an exhaust maintenance appointment, let the skilled professionals at Smart Mechanics in Bishops Stortford help.

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