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Apr 07

Why Do You Need To Get Coolant Flush Done ?

A cooling system flush is a highly imperative part of the routine maintenance on your vehicle. Technically, the cooling system is your engine’s only way of releasing heat inside the engine block. The coolant system in your vehicle normalizes the rising temperature of the engine. Without the engine’s cooling system and the necessary coolant, your engine would overheat very fast and all the parts would be ruined because of heat damage. To assure safety on the road and avoid unfortunate incidents such as breakdown etc, it ’s best advised to get your car to a vehicle repair shop near you and run a complete diagnostics.

Warning Signs Of Low Coolant In Car

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Higher or Lower Temperature Gauze
  • Coolant leak
  • Sweet Odor 
  • Greasy kind of film on the interior of the windows
  • Warning light on the dashboard comes ON

Performing a flush of your coolant system each time you change your coolant can effectively extend the efficiency of your cooling system. In addition to that, it ensures the smooth functioning of all the components of your vehicle whilst making sure all parts are running at optimum level. Don’t know if you need a coolant flush? Get your vehicle to car garage in Stansted and get a thorough diagnostics and complete vehicle inspection done. 

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