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Jul 25

Why are Batteries Important to Start your Vehicle?

Your car battery is the central power hub of your vehicle for all things electrical. It stores electricity and then sends out jolts to every single electrical component in your vehicle. A weak battery may leave you stranded on the road which is why it’s absolutely necessary to schedule a routine auto maintenance in order to ensure all your car’s components and parts are functioning smoothly and at optimum level.

Vital function of a car battery:

  • Starts up the ignition system of your vehicle.
  • Keeps the energy system of your vehicle sustainable
  • Stores chemical material for conversion to electrical energy.

Car batteries last for a good 3-5 years, which essentially is based on your driving habits and the weather conditions where you reside. Henche, It’s wise to get your automotive battery inspected once it reaches the 3 year mark. At Smart Mechanics, mobile car mechanics in Sawbridgeworth, we carry out complete thorough diagnostics of your vehicle’s battery. 

Warning Signs that may indicate your battery needs to be replaced:

  • Slow Engine Crank
  • Check Engine Light is ON
  • Swelled up and bloated battery case
  • Pungent smell around the battery

Bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you and get your automotive battery checked. 

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