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Jul 18

Why is Tyre Rotation Necessary?

Routine tyre rotation is a vital aspect in enhancing tyre performance and maximising the longevity of your tyres. During the process of tyre rotation, each tyre is moved and placed to a different position on your car’s axles, like moving the front right tyre to the back left position.By rotating your tyres, you will equalize wear, causing all of the tyres to wear out at the same rate. Additionally, even if your car is properly aligned, tyres still need to be rotated for optimal wear performance. 

Without periodic tyre rotations, tyres will wear down unevenly which will lead to rough and unstable driving surface. And this will in turn create an unsafe driving experience for you. Which is why routine tyre rotation is encouraged that will maximise traction and handling performance which will invariably give you a smoother ride, and significantly increase your safety on the road. Rotating your tyres is highly imperative for your car’s performance and the durability of your tyres. Hence, ensure that you are routinely rotating your tyres. Bring your car to a vehicle repair shop near you for smart repairs and complete auto inspection. 

The tyre rotation frequency is dependent on the car, the type of tyres and road conditions. Get your vehicle to Smart Mechanics in Stansted for a thorough auto inspection and advise from our skilled technicians on whether tyre rotation is immediately needed. 

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