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Feb 11

Is Tyre Rotation Really That Necessary?

Tyre rotation is absolutely essential if you want your tyres to last as long as possible. Technically speaking, rotating tyres equalizes the wear that tyres receive. Front tyres wear a lot quicker than rear tyres because when you make turns, it adds more pressure on the outer edges of the... read more →
Feb 07

Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle repairs should never be neglected and are mostly unavoidable, routine preventive maintenance checks can essentially help prevent costly automotive servicing in future, saving you money in the process while also keeping your vehicle running in optimal working condition at all times. Preventive maintenance is more than just changing oil... read more →
Feb 04
Jan 30

7 Signs Your Engine Needs An Overhaul

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Without proper care and maintenance your car's engine will quickly fall into despair. To avoid unfortunate incidents on the road or being stranded in the middle of nowhere, it’s very vital to carry out a complete and overall inspection of your car... read more →
Jan 27

The Importance Of Routine Car Tune-Ups

People often fail to realize the importance of scheduling routine vehicle maintenance and the critical role it plays in the smooth running and operation of cars. If you want to be safe at all times on the road, regular vehicle maintenance is highly imperative and should never be neglected.  In... read more →
Jan 24

When to replace your brake pads?

There are two vital things that make for a perfect car. The first being that it should take you from Point A to Point B and second is that it should stop whenever you set your foot on the brake pedal which is why  brake pads are counted as one... read more →
Jan 20

Important Benefits of a Coolant Flush

Engine coolant is also referred to as antifreeze. It is technically a heat transfer fluid curated to get rid of excess heat from your vehicle’s engine. The engine releases excessive amounts of energy and heat while the vehicle is moving. The most vital purpose of an engine coolant is transferring... read more →
Jan 17

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

As a car owner, you need to understand the mechanism in which all the components operate simultaneously. If one or more parts wear out or get damaged, it invariably affects the overall functionality of your vehicle. This is why it’s highly recommended to schedule a routine vehicle inspection in order... read more →
Jan 14

What are the benefits of Tyre Rotation?

Tyres have a very important role to play in the safety and quality of your ride. Regularly rotating them will essentially help in evening out the wear and tear as replacing them altogether can be quite expensive. In addition to that, rotating tyres is a vital and an imperative maintenance... read more →
Jan 11

6 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of the most important one is making sure each and every component has undergone thorough inspection on a routine basis. This process of regular tune-up will invariably extend the longevity of your vehicle. In most cases, your vehicle will display... read more →

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