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Dec 05


1. Check and maintain proper tyre pressure in your automobile. The correct tyre inflation pressure allows the tyre to operate at its best. Every automobile tyre has a suggested inflation pressure, which is the optimum tyre pressure for increased ride comfort, safety, and fuel economy. In the automobile owner's handbook,... read more →
Nov 28

How can you keep your Vehicle MOT from failing?

1. Signals & Lights One-fifth of all automobiles that fail their MOT have a problem with their lights and signals. You might not notice the flickering headlight or the blown number plate light at first, but closer investigation will disclose the flaws. The most common cause is a blown bulb,... read more →
Nov 20

Why Is Water Leaking into My Car?

You don't have to fear the worst if you've been wondering why your automobile is leaking water. There are several typical reasons for automobiles leaving water tracks beneath them after they've parked, and the majority of the time, it's nothing to be concerned about. During normal operation, the air conditioning... read more →
Nov 14
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